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Altitude Sickness and Infectious Disease

  • Before going trekking to the Himalayas make sure you familarize yourself with the common symptoms of mountain sickness so that you may be better able to help yourself and others. AMS (acute mountains sickness) causes headaches and nausea at high altitude (>2700m). So if you are going to high altitude please take diamox (125mg two times per day) for 4 days, starting on the day before your trip. Make sure you do not have a sulpha drug allergy before taking this drug. Expect tingling of your fingers and toes. The life-threatening problems at altitude are HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) and HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema). To read more about Altitude Sickness, please click on the "health information" section.

    As for diarrhea, you must count yourself exceptionally blessed by all the Nepali Gods if you do not get diarrhea in Nepal. It is indeed very common among travelers, foreign residents and local Nepalese. There are different causes for diarrhea and very often even the most stringent eating habits will not ensure safety from this problem. But never fear, don't feel you have been singled out as many foreigners (and locals) do come down with this. There is help at hand. Please read more on Infectious Diseases under the "health information"section.